Proverbs on emotions

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Proverbs on emotions

How Are You Feeling Today?Emotions are our master navigators. They tell us what to do in a stock market, at war-front or on deciding a divorce or to hold on the marriage. Every thought is backed up with its own emotions and only its degree changes from one thought to the other. So, every awakened second where thoughts are bubbling up in our mind, emotions comes up as part of it. That is why when we still our mind during meditation, our emotions too get stilled and release the sense of peace. Our mind is connected with how we breath and that is why breathing fluctuations is the body’s natural response comes up with various emotions. (“ I laughed and laughed till I couldn’t breath!” ain’t?). Next time, try breathing deep when you are anxious. Proverbs mentioned here pointing to the similar facts. Nothing new, but we mostly go unnoticed on such ‘small’ things.

1.) When you give vent to your feeling, your anger leaves you. (Yiddish)

2.) Even pain has its joy. (Slovakian)

3.) One joy scatters a hundred grief. (Chinese)

4.) The first stage of fury is madness, the end of it is repentance. (Lebanese)

5.) Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. (English)

6.) Fear makes people loving. (American)

7.) Plenty and envy lie down together. (African-Hausa)

8.) You may gain by fair words what may fail you by angry ones. (Danish)

9.) Love lasts as long as money endures. (English)

10.) In the eyes of a jealous, the mushroom grows into a palm tree. (Russian)

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11.) Pride swells with flattery. (Serbo-Croatian)

12.) One always thinks that others are happy. (Yiddish)

13.) The greatest hate springs from the greatest love. (English)

14.) He who threatens is afraid. (French)

15.) Anger ends in cruelty. (Indian-Tamil)

16.) A flood can be controlled but lust, never. (Philippine)

17.) Jealousy is a pain which eagerly seeks what causes pain. (German)

18.) It is truth that makes a man angry. (Italian)

19.) Anxiety breaks a man’s backbone. (Hebrew)

20.) He who is feared by many, fears many. (German)

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