Proverbs on Responsibility

Proverbs on Responsibility

Person Pulling Self Up Ladder With Pulley1.) He that wants the kernel must crack the nut. (German)

2.) Everyone has enough to do in weeding his own garden. (Flemish)

3.) Once one has finished ringing, one should get out of a bell tower. (Russian)

4.) The master’s eye does more than the hands of two servants. (Estonian)

5.) First deserve then desire. (English)

6.) Lock your door rather than suspect your neighbor. (Lebanese)

7.) Duty is to be before devotion. (Mexican)

8.) He who wants to play with a cat should be able to bear its scratches. (Lebanese)

9.) When mature and on the wing, all birds will look after their own food. (Indian-Tamil)

10.) Everyone is responsible for his own actions. (Indian-Tamil)

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11.) Arms and money require good hands. (Spanish)

12.) The will is taken for the deed. (French)

13.) When a way is long you shorten it with your feet, not with a hatchet. (African-Oji)

14.) Store up the water while it rains. (Burmese)

15.) The way to be safe is never to be secure. (English)

16.) Oil the wheels if you want the cart to run lightly. (Rumanian)

17.) Where wine is not common, commons must be send. (English)