Smart Sayings Of Our Ancestors

Where the road splits, we seek advice from those who know the way and from those who walked the path before you. Our ancestors too left their wisdom for those coming after them through proverbs and folklores. These wise sayings about life are the guiding lights you will find in all cultures of the world.

"Golden Rule" (Do unto others), April 1,1961Most Viewed Proverbs

Proverbs on survivalMini proverbs, Proverbs on food – Mostly liquids,Human nature,Wealth, Etiquette, Proverbs for verbal slapping, Depressing proverbs

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Inspirational, Marriage, Parenting, Proverbs to slap your boss, Proverbs on food, Human behavior, Power, Excusing proverbs, Happiness, Relationships, Lifestyle, Emotions, Success, Beauty, Confidence, Broken hearts, Death & Sorrow, Fishes

Proverbs to Boost Your Success

Ability, Achievement, Action, Aim, Alertness, Attraction, Being nice, Boldness, Character, Contentment, Counsel, Creativity, Decision making, Discipline, Endurance, Flexibility, Gentleness, Goal setting, Hard work, Initiative, Leadership, Learning skill, Making mistakes, New beginnings, Patience, Perseverance, Persuasiveness, Planning, Risk taking, Talent, Victory, Zeal   and   MORE……..

Proverbs from your Country

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Ways of the World

Portrait of a Suya Indian Man with Lip Plate, Brazil, South AmericaCharity, Justice, Poverty, Envy, Abuse, Broken hearts, Power, War, Happiness, Injustice, Money, Verbal slapping, Peace & tranquility, Survival, Human nature, Divorce, Stealing, Death & Sorrow, Cheating, Virtues, Express your anger, Lust, Revenge, Debt, Politics, Honesty, Lifestyle, Travel, Failure, Love,Truth, Forgiveness, Loneliness

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Funny but true, Wealth, Inspirational, Parenting, Human nature, Food & Beverages, Etiquette, For the married, Depressing, Survival, Before the wedding, Before saying “get well soon”, Express your pity, Philosophical, Ways of the world, Mesmerize your audience, Before saying “congratulations”, Sugarcoat your words, For interviews, Inspire someone, Excusing proverbs, Before attending a funeral, For your resume, Replying a rejection letter, Express your happiness, Express your envy, Express your sorrow, Before attending a birthday party, Before saying “No, thank you”, Before proposing your soul mate, Express how much you care, Psychological, ConfidenceMini Proverbs, Ultra-mini proverbs, Warning words, Omo Masilai Skeleton Tribes People in Omo Masilai Village, Goroka, Papua New GuineaWisdomBeauty, Romance, For teachers, On experience, Education, For scientists, Save your marriage, Rules of success, For home owners, Patriotic, Marketing & sales, Emotions, Life’s queer problems & solutions, For the obese, Peace & tranquility, For students, For weight watchers, Hardwork, Mother in-law, Daughter in-law, Bedtime, Luck, Before saying “Bon-voyage”, Sports, Hunting, Paradoxical but true, Laziness, Pregnancy, Plants, Birds, Animals, Insects, Learn to fail, For sportsmen, For children, Health, Quit bad habits, Spirituality, For the sick, Before abortion, Advice your teenager, For the divorced, Values, For a killer presentation, Before saying “I quit”, Before saying “I promise”, Workplace, For the depressedBefore saying “Good night”, Before saying ” I am sorry”, Before saying “good bye”, After saying “welcome”, After saying “good morning”